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What are Some Unique Wedding Rings/Bands?

Unique Wedding Rings and Bands

Engaged couples are looking for something other than the traditional wedding ring. People who want unique wedding rings may find some of these cool choices:

  • A modern puzzle ring is one that is made with two types of metal, palladium and yellow gold and encrusted with three diamonds. The palladium and the yellow gold meet halfway on the band for a half yellow gold and half palladium look.
  • Design your own wedding band and ring with symbols or words. Many people choose to put a symbol for love or put the name of the person they are marrying on the ring for a unique twist.
  • A milgrained curls band, which essentially has white gold or platinum with milgrained lace that envelopes diamonds all around it, is a very pretty and unique wedding band

What Should I Know About Antique Wedding Rings?

Antique Wedding Rings

For some couples an antique wedding ring is what they want to represent their love and commitment to each other. Remember, to honestly be an antique the ring must be at least 50 years old. Many online sites sell antique engagement ring sets and estate sale pieces of jewelry that could be worn as a wedding ring. You can also purchase an antique ring through an antiques dealer or you can go to an estate sale to see what is offered.

A jeweler should be able to test the ring to ensure that it is the metal it was described as and what you paid for. You should also have a professional determine what clarity and color the ring is. One plus to purchasing an antique ring from an actual jeweler instead of at an estate sale yourself, you should know exactly what you are buying before you buy it. Unless you are an expert on antique rings, you most likely won't be able to determine all of this yourself.

What Should I Know Before I Purchase a Wedding Ring?

Before You Buy

Before you rush out and buy that wedding ring, keep in mind some general information before doing so.

  • Know the differences between the different metals used in wedding rings. Metals that aren't as durable and won't last as long as other metals. You can usually tell by the price of the ring. The more durable the metal, the more expensive the ring.
  • Don't pick a wedding band that will overpower your wedding ring and vice-versa. You want to pick something that blends nicely together on your finger.
  • It is okay to pick a men's wedding band that doesn't exactly match the female's wedding ring. Focus on comfort, style and personal taste.
  • Make sure you have enough time before your wedding for your rings to be custom sized, mounted and shipped to you or your jeweler. Some jewelers send your rings to another site to be manufactured or to be sized correctly. This can take several weeks before the rings are returned to you.

Who are Some Wedding Ring Designers?

Wedding Ring Designs and Designers

Are you looking for a wedding ring designer that is well known or just up and coming? Is the actual designer of the ring all that important to you, or does it really not matter. Regardless, there are several designers out there whose job is to design gorgeous rings! One of the most popular designers of the Tungsten wedding ring is TrewTungsten by Trent West. Trent has a 32-year career in jewelry design and has a patent on a facet that will allow your Tungsten ring to remain permanently polished looking.

Which Choices do I Have for Engraving my Ring?

Engraving for a Unique Wedding Band

Many couples engrave their wedding bands. An engraving that says something representative of their love for each other, such as a saying or the date of their wedding. What types of engravings or sayings to couples usually choose? There are two main ways to get what you want said put on your ring.

One way is to have an engraver hand grave it on. The engraver uses a tool called a graver. Your results may vary with this type of engraving because it is such a delicate task and it really comes down to how good your engraver is.

Another way to get your words on your rings is to have it laser engraved on. Using a laser, which is a much more precise technology, couples can choose to have vows or poems, up to 225 characters, placed on a wedding ring.

What Type of Wedding Ring Should Men Get?

Men's Wedding Rings

Finding a good quality men's wedding band doesn't have to be complicated. Some good suggestions for durable metal men's wedding rings are platinum, palladium, titanium, stainless steel or 18 karat gold. These rings may be a bit more expensive than other men's wedding rings, but they are more durable. You also must remember that the ring should be comfortable on your finger. You don't want to purchase a snazzy looking wedding ring and pay for it, only to realize you can't stand the way it feels. Try several on before making your decision to purchase.

What are Some Popular Wedding Bands?

Popular Types of Wedding Rings/Bands

Your choices for wedding rings are virtually endless, but there are several popular choices for types of wedding rings and bands:

  • 14 karat gold in either yellow or white, or 18 karat gold, which runs a bit more than the 14 karat gold in price.
  • Silver is a popular options, but silver often becomes discolored and it is a very soft metal.
  • Platinum is becoming a very popular choice of metal for wedding rings also. It is more dense and precious than gold and is a great choice for wedding rings because it will last a lifetime.

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