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Where Can I Buy an Antique Ring?

Where to Buy Antique Rings

You can purchase antique rings most anywhere. If you go to an estate sale you most likely will find an antique ring. Antique stores should also have a wide array of antique rings available for your viewing and purchasing needs. If you are really curious, you can even try searching a pawnshop. Jewelers should also have antique rings available. Most antique ring experts suggest purchasing rings from a jeweler who has a good reputation, especially if you don't know much about antique rings.

Antique rings will have a wide range in prices ranging from very reasonable to very expensive. It all depends on the ring.

What Does Vintage Mean?

What is a Vintage Ring?

Before purchasing a ring that you think is an antique or a vintage ring, make sure you have your facts straight on what exactly makes something vintage.

First off, the word "vintage" does not mean the ring you are purchasing is actually very old. The term actually only implies that the ring is made to resemble an actual antique ring. If you are looking for an actual antique ring and find one that is marked vintage, you will want to make sure it is actually an antique before you purchase it. Don't forget, to truly be an antique ring it must be over 50 years old. Just because a ring is described as vintage doesn't mean that it is over 50 years old. A vintage ring could be an actual antique ring, but it could also be a piece from someone's estate or it could even be a piece of jewelry made six months ago that just looks like an antique. Keep this in mind when searching for an antique ring.

What was the Victorian Era for Rings Like?

Victorian Antique Rings

The Victorian Era lasted from around 1835 to 1900 when the Edwardian Era began. The Victorian Era was filled with beautiful jewelry, including rings.

The rings from the Victorian Era often ranged from very simple to very extravagant. Many of these rings were in rose or yellow for a setting and often had rows of diamonds on them. The Victorian Era also saw a popularity increase in pearl rings, however they were not for everyday wear.

It was during the Victorian Era that the Tiffany engagement ring was also introduced. If you have a six-pronged engagement ring, you have the Victorian Era to thank for that the development, and of course Tiffany's!

What are the Negatives of an Antique Engagement Ring?

Antique Engagement Rings Pros and Cons

Is your significant other ready to pop the question? Are you hoping for a beautiful antique engagement ring? If so, there are pros and cons to this type of ring, as there are to every type of ring. Just try to keep these in mind.

Pros: Antique engagement rings are often unique. This means very few people, if any, will have an engagement ring just like yours! Antique engagement rings are cheaper than rings sold today that are considered modern or in-style currently. An antique engagement ring is often made better than rings today and the moment you purchase an antique engagement ring; you have something that your family will treasure forever.

Cons: Antique engagement rings, because they are so old, were cut different than today's rings. This means that this ring may have flaws that a ring today wouldn't have. Also remember that for a true heirloom piece, rings in the past were not often the true bright white that diamonds are now. People often wanted diamonds or rings that were off-color, such as one with a rose hue. You may not be able to find a stunning bright white diamond in an antique ring.

What Should I Know When Buying an Antique Diamond Ring?

What You Should Know When Buying Antique Diamond Rings

Are you interested in purchasing an antique diamond ring? If so, keep these things in mind when deciding on the right ring for you!

Make sure the antique ring you purchase is appraised before you decide to buy it. By having it appraised by a professional you can be assured that the ring is real and place some insurance value on the ring. You will also be able to find out if the ring has been reset or has had previous damage to it including any cracks.

See if the ring has a picture with it or something that is written, dated and signed to show it is authentic. To be considered an antique, the ring must be over 50 years old, so take this into consideration when purchasing an antique ring. You may also want to stick to jewelers that you know have a good reputation when purchasing rings such as this. The last thing you want to have happen is to purchase a ring from someone who is only trying to rip you off.

What is the Art Deco Era?

Art Deco Antique Rings

The Art Deco period in history lasted from around 1920 to 1930 and influenced rings greatly. A new era began taking jewelry and rings from the Edwardian Era to rings that mirrored what was happening in fashion.

Rings took on a look that was popular with fashion of that time, looks that were reminiscent of Egypt, Asia and Native American lifestyle and cultures.

Rings went from pale in color in the Edwardian Era to rings that were full of color in the Art Deco era. Platinum continued its popularity in this era, especially for diamond engagement rings.

The Art Deco style of rings is the most popular ring design for couples today who are getting married.

What are Edwardian Rings Like?

Edwardian Antique Rings

From around 1900 to 1920 the style of rings often consisted of platinum and diamonds. It became quite popular during this era, also known as the Edwardian Era. Jewelers began making rings with classic lines and simple designs. Many Edwardian rings also consisted of designs that appear to be lace-like with filigree detail on the mounting of the ring. Sapphires also became hugely popular during the Edwardian Era.

Many of the rings made during the Edwardian Era were grand and very expensive.

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