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What is Proper College Class Ring Etiquette?

Class Ring Etiquette

Okay, you've got your college class ring, now what? Do you know the rules of how to wear your college class ring?

To begin with, you should be wearing your college class ring on the ring finger of your right hand. You don't want to wear it on your left hand ring finger, because if you are married or engaged, that finger is already taken. It is considered proper etiquette regardless of your marital status, to wear your college ring on the right hand ring finger.

You should also wear the ring so that when you put your arms out in front of you, you will be able to read the words written on your ring.

Just a few tips to remember when wearing that college class ring!

Can I Design my Own College Class Ring?

Design Your Own Class Ring

Purchasing your college class ring can be exciting! What is even more exciting is that- you can also design your own class ring. A ring that is distinctly yours with your preferences.

Many of the major online ring websites offer a design your own area in order to do just that, design your own college ring. You will have to register at these sites, but that is free. The site will ask you for your college information and will then take you to a page in which you can choose the type of ring you wish to purchase, specifically a man or a woman's ring.

You can then look through the site and pick your ring quality, the finish on the ring, the color of the stone, accent stones, the name of your school, your major and the year in which you graduated. You will also need to select a ring size. The site should then be able to tell you the total of your college class ring and you continue on by paying for it securely.

What are Some Types of College Class Rings?

Types of Class Rings

There are several different types of college class rings available to people. Besides the obvious male and female class rings, there are several other choices to make on types. It really all depends on which site or company you choose to use for your class ring purchase. However, the majority of class rings will come in types similar to these:

Most will offer you an official school ring, one that carries your college seal on it along with an area to put your major and other information.

Another choice may be that of an executive college class ring. This type of ring is considered to be a more professional looking college class ring but can still have your college information engraved on it.

One last type of ring that may be available to you is a contemporary college class ring. This type of ring will look less like a class ring and more like a piece of jewelry that doesn't scream "college ring" on it. This type of ring still has your college information on it, but just a bit more discreetly.

What is a Curriculum Top?

Curriculum Tops On University Rings

What is a curriculum top and why are jewelers or class ring salesman asking you about them?

A curriculum top, when it pertains to your college class ring, is pretty basic. You pick the major that you had in college and if that major is available, the ring you choose can be topped with an insignia that represents your major. These curriculum tops are available for many colleges and many majors, they do however, come at an additional price.

Can I Buy my College Class Ring Wholesale?

Wholesale Class Rings

Many times college class rings can be purchased a bit cheaper if you purchase them wholesale. To purchase rings at wholesaler prices, go directly to a jeweler or a website to order your college class ring. This can be much cheaper than ordering through the man or woman who comes to your college campus to sell rings to students.

Many wholesale jewelers sell their rings directly to retail stores throughout the country, but it is possible to cut even the retail middle man and go directly to the source. You can do an Internet search for "Wholesale college class rings" to bring up several sites that may have what you are looking for.

What Other Types of Jewelry do People Purchase for College?

Types of College Jewelry

There is more the college jewelry than just class rings. You can purchase several other types of jewelry to commemorate your time in college.

Consider a watch, a pendant or a charm with your college logo on it, or consider purchasing customized items to your liking. For example, if you played soccer in college, you can order your pendant with a soccer ball and your college logo on it. Most college jewelry can be customized if you wish.

Prices vary so you will want to shop around to compare to make sure you are getting a nice piece of jewelry in return!

Where Can I Find Affordable College Class rings?

Inexpensive College Rings

Looking for a college class ring? Does the price tag have you cringing? There are places you can look for college rings at more affordable prices.

Many discount superstores have class rings that start at very reasonable prices. While the class ring won't be specific to a school design or logo, this price is usually a lot cheaper and the rings can be customized to fit school colors and .

You can also visit a local jeweler. Many times independent jewelers will carry more wallet-friendly priced college class rings. If they do not, you can always ask the jeweler if he or she knows of an affordable alternative to the expensive college class rings sold directly at colleges.

It's important to point out that buying discounted class rings from a source other than your college class ring provider does not guarantee the authenticity of the college class ring.

Why Purchase a College Class Ring?

Why Purchase a College Ring?

People who choose to purchase a college class ring usually choose to purchase one as a way to remember college and to honor the hard work they did while there. Other people choose to purchase a college class ring to honor a fraternity or a sorority they participated in while in college, or even a sports team they played on.

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