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Can I Order my High School Class Ring Online?

Ordering Your High School Class Ring Online

If you do an Internet search for "high school class rings" you should find hundreds of sites wanting to sell you your class ring. You should check out as many sites as possible before deciding on what is right for you. You, of course, will want a site that is affordable if money is an object, and you will want a site with a good reputation. Many of these sites also allow you to design your own high school class ring.

Can I Get a Class Ring if I Graduated 10 Years Ago?

Never Got Your High School Class Ring?

Did you attend high school years and years ago? Are you kicking yourself that you never purchased a class ring? Do you look longingly at other people who are wearing their class rings with pride?

Don't fret! Even if you graduated from high school 50 years ago, you can still purchase yourself that long-awaited class ring! Yes, that is correct. Many of the major ring retailers allow you to design and purchase a high school class ring, even if your graduation date was many moons ago.

Try doing a search on the Internet for "high school class rings" and see if any of the sites will let you purchase a class ring for yourself. You can even try calling a local jeweler to see if they can supply you with that much anticipated high school class ring!

How Can I Search for My Lost Class Ring?

I Lost My High School Class Ring!

Oh no! You have lost your high school class ring! Besides the sentimental value of the ring, you may have lost some money that you spent on it. Will you ever find it?

Did you know that there is a website made especially for the reporting of lost and found high school class rings? Class Ring Finder on the Internet is a website specifically made for people to report a lost high school class ring or to report finding one. You can publish the information on the ring, including the school and the graduation date and then post it on the site.

What May be on a High School Class Ring?

Class Ring Designs

Not everyone who orders a class ring will want the same thing on it as his or her peers. This is where the uniqueness of a student's personality comes out; you can customize your high school class ring to your liking. It used to be that all high school class rings were the same and everyone ordered from the same company. That isn't the case anymore.

Now students can choose what they want on their class rings thanks to the ability to design your own. Did you play soccer in high school? Do you want a soccer symbol on your ring? No problem! For an added fee you can have that on your high school class ring. Did you participate in speech in high school? If so, you can put a symbol representing your time spent in speech on your ring.

Your ring may also have the name of your school and your graduation date on it. People often put their first names on their high school class rings and very often use their birthstones for the stone of their rings. It really is up to you!

How Much do High School Class Rings Cost?

Cost of High School Class Rings

High school class rings can run from very, very reasonably priced to quite excessive. What it really comes down to is what you want on your ring and what you want your ring made of.

If you choose to keep your ring very basic with stones that are not real, you can save yourself a bundle and expect to pay between $50 and $70. If you choose to add engravings, a real stone, or even a diamond, your ring could cost you upwards of $500. Your class ring design comes down to personal taste and of course, money!

Where Did the Class Ring Come From?

History of Class Rings

The class ring has a history that dates back to the year 1835. The ring was made especially for cadets graduating from the West Point U.S Academy to honor the graduates for their hard work.

In the early 1900's class rings became increasingly popular for people throughout the country. The class rings of yesteryear were made pretty basic with a simple symbol of the school attached to the center of the ring. Eventually, as they grew in popularity, people started adding stones to the rings, which is what remains popular today.

What are High School Class Rings For?

What Are High School Class Rings?

Okay, so you have heard the hype surrounding high school class rings but you could just never figure out the point of buying one. Just what are high school class rings and what makes them so special?

High school class rings are rings that are purchased, sometimes as early as your freshman or sophomore year of high school and then worn throughout your remaining years at the school. People even wear them for years after graduation. Typically, people purchase a high school class ring to commemorate their high school experience with a piece of jewelry that has the high school name and the year they will graduate or did graduate from school on it.

Can I Get a Class Ring if I was Homeschooled?

Homeschool Class Rings

Just because you were homeschooled for your high school education doesn't mean you can't purchase a high school class ring. Of course you can!

Many of the major high school class ring websites and retailers supply rings strictly for those who are homeschooled. What is nice about a site that offers rings for homeschoolers, the homeschooled student can design his own ring. You can add your favorite sport that you may have participated in and what academics you excelled at while being homeschooled.

You can purchase a ring that looks like other students who were schooled in a public or private setting, but without the name of your school on it. Instead your ring will most likely have your name or just a plain stone of your choice on it along with other items you select. You can even put the year in which you graduated from school on it. Prices vary from as low as $200 to as high as $500.

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