Class Ring Designs

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What May be on a High School Class Ring?

Class Ring Designs

Not everyone who orders a class ring will want the same thing on it as his or her peers. This is where the uniqueness of a student's personality comes out; you can customize your high school class ring to your liking. It used to be that all high school class rings were the same and everyone ordered from the same company. That isn't the case anymore.

Now students can choose what they want on their class rings thanks to the ability to design your own. Did you play soccer in high school? Do you want a soccer symbol on your ring? No problem! For an added fee you can have that on your high school class ring. Did you participate in speech in high school? If so, you can put a symbol representing your time spent in speech on your ring.

Your ring may also have the name of your school and your graduation date on it. People often put their first names on their high school class rings and very often use their birthstones for the stone of their rings. It really is up to you!



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