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How Can I Design My Own Ring?

How to Design Your Own Ring

Designing your own ring isn't difficult nor is it too time-consuming, especially if you have already educated yourself on what you want your ring to be. Essentially you just need to pick your stone, then pick your setting and then size, and then add your ring to the basket for purchase and check out on the site you have chosen. If you want to see how your ring looks as you design it, try finding a website that will virtually build your ring for you while you are building your ring. This is a neat concept because you can see your choices as you go.

If you don't wish to design your own ring on the Internet, you can take your idea to a jeweler who can assist you in building your own ring. Jewelers often offer a virtual ring builder that will show you the end result of your ring before you start building it.

Can I Design My Ring Online and Still Have my Jeweler Make It?

Design Online and Have Jeweler Make Your Ring?

Did you know that you can design your dream ring on the Internet, print out a picture of it and then take it a jeweler to have it custom made for you? Many Internet sites allow you to build your ring on their site without purchasing it and then allow you to print out a picture of the ring to take to your jeweler for him or her to make.

Pick out your stone, your setting, your metal and any accents you wish to add and then print it out. Certain sites will even print out the exact size of everything that you picked for your ring, thus making it easier for the jeweler to get exactly what you are looking for. If you are searching for site, simply do a search engine search for "online ring design" to find one.

How Can I Make my Old Jewelry New?

Make Your Old Jewelry New Again

Many people choose to design their own rings by using a stone from a piece of old jewelry or perhaps using a piece of old jewelry to put a new stone in.

Another way people use old jewelry to design a new ring is to take the metal from the old jewelry and have it melted and formed into a new piece of jewelry. Jewelers can use the original stone in it to make a new piece of jewelry that may be a replica of the old, just new! Which option is right for you? Speak to your jeweler to see what he or she has to offer for making old jewelry new again.

What Should I Know About Designing a Titanium Ring?

Design Your Own Titanium Ring

You can design your own titanium ring it is just a bit more complicated than designing other types of rings. It is a bit more complicated because they can't be resized. This means that you must absolutely have the correct ring size when you design it. If you choose a ring and design it and then select a size four ring, only to realize after the fact that your finger is now a size five, you can't go back and fix that mistake.

Why do People Design Their Own Rings?

Why Design Your Own Ring?

Why do people choose to design their jewelry when there are such beautiful pieces of jewelry available online and in jewelry stores?

Designing your own jewelry may be cheaper than purchasing a new piece of jewelry. Often times people wear custom made jewelry more often than other pieces of jewelry, thus getting more bang for their buck, so to speak, out of custom jewelry.

Other people choose to design their own rings because they want a completely unique piece of jewelry that no one else as in the world, or at least that is known. This makes the piece of self-designed jewelry very important to the person wearing it.

People also design their rings to make a family heirloom that may be passed down from generation to generation. How neat would it be to know that your great-great grandchild could possibly, someday, be wearing a ring you designed yourself?

Where can I Design and Affordable Ring?

Affordable Design Your Own Ring Sites

Are you really wanting to design your own ring but you just can't afford the expensive jewelry sites online or expensive jewelers? There are places that are more affordable and budget friendly for those who wish to design a lovely ring without going into debt.

Superstores online, like Walmart, have an online design your own ring site. On a site like this or one similar, you can start by picking your own type of stone, the size of the stone you wish to have your ring, anywhere from a 1/4 of a carat is available at affordable pricing. You can even pick the color and clarity of the ring to boot. Do you want white gold or yellow gold? This is another choice for your affordable ring and then you can go on and pick the size of your ring to finish.

What Should I Know When Designing my Own Ring?

What to Know When Designing Your Own Ring

If you are choosing to design your own ring you should know a thing or two before embarking on this journey. You should educate yourself on the type of stone you want for your ring. Do you want diamonds? If so, learn as much about the different types of diamonds and cuts before you start designing. If you choose a different stone, start reading up on the specific stone of choice. The more you know about the stone, the better and nicer of a ring you can design yourself. Besides the type of stone you will want to educate yourself on the types of metals available for your ring. You can choose almost any type of metal for your ring, find out information about each and which one suits you best. You may also want to try to find out how the stone of your choice fits with the metal you wish to use. The two should compliment each other. These are just two important pieces of information you should definitely know when designing your own ring. Talk to your jeweler or look online for what other pieces of information you should have before making a final decision.

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