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What is an Online Ring Sizer?

Online Ring Sizer

If measuring and marking to find your ring size on your own isn't for you, there are also online sites that offer a different way to size your finger. Do an Internet search engine search for "online ring sizer" to find a site that works for you.

A site with an actual online ring sizer will have a piece of paper with various ring sizes on it. The site will ask you to print out the paper with the ring shapes on it. When done printing you will need to cut out each ring shape's circle. Underneath each ring shape should be the ring size that goes with the shape. After cutting out the inside of each ring shape, you will need to stick your finger into the ring holes until your finger fits perfectly in a hole. This hole should represent your ring size. The majority of online ring size sites offer this information free!

What is an Online Conversion Chart?

Online Conversion Chart

If you are looking for a ring but aren't sure of what size your finger is to fit that ring, you can find a conversion chart online to help figure this out.

Do an Internet search engine search for "online ring conversion chart" to find a chart and a site to assist you. Most likely the site will be able to convert your measurements into different several different foreign conversions if need be. You can also do a U.S finger size on most of these sites.

The site will most likely ask you to wrap a string or piece of paper around the finger you wish to measure. You will be asked to mark the point where the two pieces of paper or string meet and then be asked to measure the distance between the two marks onto a ruler. You should then divide that number by 3.14 to get the diameter of your finger. You can then put this information into the site to get the size of ring you need for your finger.

What is the Big Deal With Finger Size?

Finger Size

Many people believe that wearing their rings a size or two larger than their actual ring size is a good idea. They believe if a ring needs to be sized down it is easier than making a ring a larger size. In reality, you should be wearing your rings fit to the perfect size of your finger. If you gain weight or lose weight, sizing a ring, unless it is made with tungsten carbide, is not a difficult task, nor will it mess up your ring forever.

What are Some International Ring Measurements?

International Ring Sizing

Many online jewelry sites will let you order a ring using a measurement from a different country. Not every jewelry store online allows for only United States system of measurement. Here is some information on what other parts of the world use for ring measurements.

In Britain, the GB (Great Britain) ring size scale is used for measuring a ring finger. This is a scale that is alphabetic. Many online sites offer ring sizes from H to Z plus 4.5 for rings. Some offer half sizes also.

In Australia and New Zealand, a similar system to that of Britain is used. The AU (Australian) scale is used which is also an alphabetic scale. The sizes available are usually similar to what is available in British sizes.

In Asia typically your ring size will be a larger number when compared to United States sizing. For instance, if your ring size in the United States is a size four, your ring size in Asia will be a seven. Try doing an Internet search for more information on ring sizing for Asia.

What Should I Know When Sizing My Own Finger?

Choosing Between Two Ring Sizes

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are sizing a ring yourself. Remember, nothing is as accurate as having a jeweler complete a ring size for you, but there are tips to making it work better if choosing to size your own finger.

If you measure your finger and find out that your size is in between two different sizes, you should pick the larger size for the ring. Remember that due to temperature changes, your finger may shrink or expand. In the cold, fingers tend to shrink, causing a smaller measurement. In the heat, your fingers swell, which can make for a larger measurement. Take the temperature into account when sizing your finger.

Can Adding Gold Make My Ring Larger?

Adding Gold to Fit

One popular way to fit a ring that is too small on a finger, most likely due to weight gain or growth, is to add gold (or match the metal of which the ring is made) to the ring to make it larger. Adding an additional piece of gold to the ring and then tapping it up to make a proper fit is a popular way to fit rings to a larger size. You can also have a piece of gold removed from your ring to make it smaller.

What is a Mail Order Ring Sizing Kit?

Mail Order Ring Sizing Kits

Many online jewelry websites offer complimentary mail order ring sizing kits. Often times, people place an order for a ring but have no idea what size of ring is needed to fit their finger.

Several online sites now offer a special package that they will send you in the mail, many free of charge, to use to measure your finger precisely. Of course, these sites most likely will ask you to order your ring first, but will hold off completing your order or mark it as pending until you have received your ring sizing kit and are able to add the ring size to your purchase information.

Something like this may be beneficial to those who can't see an actual jeweler for ring sizing or aren't able to get a good measurement by using other methods.

What are the Three Main Finger Shapes?

Finger Shapes

One online jewelry site has come to a conclusion that fingers come in three different shapes. Perhaps knowing your finger shape may help you in sizing your rings correctly.

Thin fingers are hardest type of fingers to wear a ring on. The problem with thinner fingers is that often after putting the ring over your knuckle, your finger is much thinner below it and the ring tends to slide and spin around on your finger. Talk to your jeweler about your best option for rings with this type of finger.

Medium sized fingers have knuckles that are just a hair larger than the part below them. Most people with medium sized fingers shouldn't have a problem with ring being loose and spinning around. The ring should fit snug and comfortable next to the skin.

Large fingers also tend to have a small problem when wearing rings. People with large fingers generally have a finger area under the knuckle that is larger than the knuckle. There have been instances when people with larger fingers have had rings slide up over the knuckle and fall off due to this situation. Check with your jeweler on what is best for you if you have larger fingers.

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