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What is a Stackable Mother's Rin?

Stackable Mothers Ring

A stackable mothers ring is a very cool idea for a mom to wear. The basic concept of this ring is that a mom can purchase one ring per child and stack them on top of each other to wear on one finger, rather than just having one band with several birthstones on it, this is several bands with one birthstone.

The band is made of whatever metal the mom chooses and then each band can be engraved to specify the names of one child, the date of that child's birthday and the child's birthstone in between this information. The bands then stack together to be worn. If a mom has two children, she would have two stackable rings made. If she has four, she would want four made, one for each child.

These stackable rings vary in price depending on where you purchase it and what you want on it. Contact a local jeweler or seek one online for more information!

What are Some Unique Mothers' Rings?

Unique Mothers' Rings

This is a unique way to show Mom that she truly is an angel! An angel mother's ring is a ring that has an angel for the design surrounded by the birthstones of her children on it. What is very special about a ring like this is that upon first glance, you may not notice the angel, as it is very discreetly and beautifully mixed in with the birthstones. Some believe that angel mother's ring will provide the mother wearing it with protection from the angels above. If an angel mother's ring interests you, try doing an Internet search for the topic.

You could also purchase a mother's ring pendant. A mother's ring pendant is actually smaller versions of a mother's ring with a separate child birthstone for each ring. The rings are designed to hang from a chain around your neck. This is a neat an unique way to wear mothers' rings.

What Jewelry Gifts are Good for Mother's Day?

Mothers Day Jewelry

Mother's rings are a great gift to give Mom for Mother's Day. Why not honor the mom in your life with a ring that symbolizes her children?

If you don't want to give a ring, why not give her a pendant? There are many necklaces out there with pendants that symbolize a mother and her child, such a figure of a mom hugging a child.

A bracelet is another great piece of jewelry to give your mom for Mother's Day. One really pretty bracelet is one that is similar to a tennis bracelet in which the birthstones of all of her children and grandchildren are represented.

What is an Engraved Mother's Ring?

Engraved Mother's Rings

You can personalize a mother's ring by having the names of all of her children engraved on the ring. The engraving can be on the inside band of the ring, or if you prefer, on the outside band. The price of the engraving depends on the ring and the type of engraving. Do some searching before you decide on what ring is right for you and for your mom!

What Should I Know When Buying a Mother's Ring?

What to Know When Purchasing a Mother's Ring

If you are purchasing a mother's ring, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • If a jeweler isn't upfront on the price or the website doesn't share with you how the price came about, it is best to pick a different place to purchase the ring.
  • What ring size are you looking for? This is important to ensure the best fit for the ring.
  • Can you see sample designs before purchasing? It always helps to see something in sample before purchasing.
  • What types of stones will be used? Are these stones real or simulated? Don't pay for real stone price if you are choosing a simulated one.
  • What type of reputation does the jeweler or the online website have? It is always nice to know that others have had good experiences with the business in which you are ordering your mother's ring from.

How Can I Give a Mother's Ring Like a Celebrity?

Give a Mother's Ring Like a Celebrity

Are you looking to give your mom a mother's ring inspired by a celebrity who did the same? Here is one idea that a certain celebrity did to make sure the mother's ring he gave his mom was indeed unique:

Famous basketball player Michael Jordan wanted to give his mom a very special ring in honor of her. So, how did he make it unique and special? He took his family on a diving trip to the ocean. While on that diving trip he found some pearls which he kept. After he returned from the trip he had the pearls he discovered mounted along with some diamonds onto a ring. He gave this very special ring to his mom to honor her. His mother shares that this gift is one of her favorite Mother's Day gifts he has ever given her.

So, if you wish to give a mother's ring like a celebrity would, you have to start planning now!

What Can I Give a New Mom for a Gift?

Jewelry for New Moms

What better a gift to give than a gift of jewelry? If you are looking for just the right item to give your spouse as a symbol of love and pride after the birth of your baby, consider a ring with your new baby's birthstone in it. Or perhaps you want give her a charm bracelet she can wear with a charm that symbolizes your little bundle of joy. A necklace is also a great choice of jewelry for the new mom in your life, a locket with a picture of the new life you created together. The great thing about giving jewelry to a new mom is that you have so many choices!

How Did Mother's Rings Come About?

History of Mothers' Rings

Mothers rings are a gift given to celebrate the mom in your life. These types of rings are commonly given on the day to celebrate all mothers: Mother's Day.

Mother's Day originated in the United States about 90 years ago with a woman named Anna Jarvis. Anna wanted to honor her late mother with a special day set aside just for her. Anna convinced her church leaders to talk about the importance of being a mom on a specific date in May. She then founded the Mother's Day International Association which then followed with Woodrow Wilson proclaiming that the second Sunday in May was to be Mother's Day and should be observed nationally.

Of course, people starting purchasing gifts to celebrate their mom's and many started giving their mom jewelry with the birthstones of Mom's children on it. This in turn, became a Mother's Ring.

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