Homeschool Class Rings

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Can I Get a Class Ring if I was Homeschooled?

Homeschool Class Rings

Just because you were homeschooled for your high school education doesn't mean you can't purchase a high school class ring. Of course you can!

Many of the major high school class ring websites and retailers supply rings strictly for those who are homeschooled. What is nice about a site that offers rings for homeschoolers, the homeschooled student can design his own ring. You can add your favorite sport that you may have participated in and what academics you excelled at while being homeschooled.

You can purchase a ring that looks like other students who were schooled in a public or private setting, but without the name of your school on it. Instead your ring will most likely have your name or just a plain stone of your choice on it along with other items you select. You can even put the year in which you graduated from school on it. Prices vary from as low as $200 to as high as $500.



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