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How Can I Find Budget Friendly Law Enforcement Rings?

Budget Friendly Law Enforcement Rings

There are several places that offer budget friendly law enforcement rings and jewelry. If you do an Internet search for "affordable law enforcement rings" you will find several suitable sites to purchase your ring or jewelry from.

Many of these sites even allow you to customize your law enforcement rings to your liking. Prices on law enforcement rings on more affordable sites typically range from the low $200 mark to more than $500. It all depends on the type of metal you choose and any engraving you wish to be done.

Can I Design My Own Police Ring?

Design Your Own Police Ring

If you don't want to buy a police ring that everyone else already has, you can actually design your own. Many online jewelers offer great deals to those who work in law enforcement and want a customized ring of their own.

Typically, you would be able to choose if the ring is for a man or a woman, the size that is needed, the branch of service and the type of metal you wish to have on your police ring. You can choose to have your ring engraved with your name, your department or your rank. After choosing these items you are able to choose the stone of your choice to go in the center of your ring. Often your choice will be your birthstone. You can even choose the cut of the stone that you order. After that, your work is basically done with the exception of paying for your new, customized police ring!

What Firefighter Rings are Available?

Firefighter Rings

Both women and men are able to purchase firefighter rings. If you are the fire department chief you can also purchase a ring to signify your important position within the department.

Women may be able to purchase a firefighter ring with a Maltese cross in red as their firefighter ring. Depending on the type of metal used, you can get this at a very affordable price.

As a chief of a department, you can choose a ring that symbolizes your job, or some that even come with five crossed trumpets on the face of the ring. These are typically a bit more expensive and usually are made with 14 carat gold.

What Do Law Enforcement Rings Stand For?

What are Police and Firefighter Rings?

Police and firefighter rings are purchased by someone working in that specific law enforcement field or by a loved one as a gift to the person in their life who works in law enforcement. The most common reason for purchasing and wearing a law enforcement ring is as a way to honor the person for his or her commitment to saving lives and helping others in this dangerous field of work. Other police or firefighters often purchase rings for themselves as a reminder of the hard work they put into their chosen profession.

Can I Buy Jewelry for a Paramedic?

Paramedic Jewelry

Firefighters and policemen are not the only lifesavers who can have jewelry made just to honor the job they do. Paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMT) are also able to purchase jewelry as a way to show pride and celebrate their chosen profession.

You can choose from emergency personnel rings, pendants, and even charms for bracelets. Prices typically range from under $100 to over $300 depending on what is purchased and what type of metal is used.

What is Some Unique Law Enforcement Jewelry?

Unique Law Enforcement Jewelry for Gifts or Personal Use

Looking for something other than a ring to give the law enforcement worker in your life? You are in luck, there is a wide array of jewelry available to help honor these brave men and women.

You can choose your gift on what may mean more to the person receiving it, and by the meaning that comes with who is giving it. Or if the purchase is for yourself, that is great too! How about a watch that has the emblem of your chosen profession on the face? Perhaps a gold key ring with the profession of your loved one engraved on it? Better yet, why not purchase a money clip with the emblem of the career chosen on the outside and engrave it with a nice message on the inside. This adds a personal touch or acts as a reminder of an important date within a career.

There are several unique forms of law enforcement jewelry available for whatever reason you choose!

What Will Police Jewelry Have On It?

Police Jewelry

Are you curious as to what types of things may be imprinted on police jewelry? What else besides the police emblem may be chosen to have put on a piece of police jewelry?

Besides the police emblem, many people choose to purchase police jewelry that is an actual replica of their police badge, down to the station number in which the officer works. Police officers may also opt to have their names engraved on the jewelry under the words, "Police Officer". If you are a sheriff you can also purchase a piece of jewelry that has a replica of your sheriff medal on it.

What Other Firefighter Jewelry is Available?

Firefighter Jewelry

Have you opted to not purchase a ring as a way to show that you a proud firefighter? Do you still wish you had a piece of jewelry you could wear that represents your time spent in that profession? There are other pieces of jewelry available for firefighters besides rings.

You can choose a variety of jewelry with a variety of different symbols. Choose from pendants or charms for bracelets and even earrings. What symbols might you choose from? You can choose to have your firefighter jewelry made with a replica of a firefighter axe, a St. Florian charm, a Firefighter wife symbol, a firefighter daughter or son symbol and a St. Luke medal.

These are just several of the firefighter symbols available. Depending on where you purchase your jewelry you may find more or less selection.

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