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What is a Claddagh Ring?

Claddagh Rings

A Claddagh ring is an Irish ring that shows two hands clasped together with a heart between them. Above the two hearts is a crown. The hand is a symbol of friendship, the heart is a symbol of love and the crown is a symbol of loyalty.

Claddagh rings come in a variety of choices. You can choose your ring in white gold, yellow gold, white and yellow gold, silver, or even in cubic zirconia. Claddagh rings are quite popular, especially with those from Irish backgrounds. You can purchase a Claddagh ring at any major Irish jeweler or any jewelry store.

What are Celtic Rings?

Celtic Rings

Celtic rings are rings that represent the traditions and symbols from ancient Irish culture and knot work. You can purchase rings with different symbols such as a Celtic knot or a trinity. The trinity knot represents three different aspects of one unity. You can also select rings with other Celtic knots like the aria knot which is made from the connecting lines of three circles. The mind, body and spirit are represented in this type of Celtic knot.

You can choose a Celtic ring in a variety of metals, depending on which you prefer and you can purchase them through most major jewelry stores or in jewelry stores that specialize in Irish jewelry.

What is a Mood Ring?

Mood Rings

If you remember the 1970s, you probably remember the ever-popular mood ring. The mood ring shot to fame in the 70s, and virtually everywhere you turned you could find someone, somewhere sporting a mood ring. A mood ring has a special stone on it that is supposed to turn a different color based on the mood of the person wearing it.

Technically, the mood ring doesn't really change color due to your mood. A mood ring changes color based on body temperature. If you are happy, you tend to flush or get warm. The ring turns color based on your body warmth. If something is bothering you, your blood often begins flowing away from your fingers toward your organs, thus causing your fingers to be less warm. The stone turns a different color as a reaction to the coldness in your fingers.

What does Jade Look Like?

Jade Rings

Jade has been around since ancient times and has long been a gemstone that is considered precious and a favorite of people throughout the world.

Jade comes in different shades of green varying from very light to very dark and can even appear to be marbled. There is also jade in purple that many jewelers offer for rings. Jade rings can be purchased for different prices, depending on the jeweler and the size of the stone. You can purchase a jade ring with any type of metal and many different cuts. Check with your jeweler for more information.

What are Some Types of Pearls?

Pearl Rings

Did you know that there are several different kinds of pearls out there that are made into rings?

Freshwater pearls are pearls that grow in freshwater inside of a mussel. Freshwater pearls are usually smaller than saltwater pearls and farmers are able to make more freshwater pearls than saltwater pearls at a time. Harvest time for freshwater pearls is usually a little over a year to two years.

Saltwater pearls are made in saltwater inside a mussel, like a freshwater pearl, just a different kind of water. Saltwater pearls are grown one per mussel, unlike freshwater pearls where up to 20 pearls per mussel are farmed. It takes over two years to make one good saltwater pearl. Saltwater pearls come in a variety of colors, such as cream, black and yellow.

Natural pearls are made in nature without the help of a man or farming. They generally form in coral or a seashell. These types of pearls are very rare.

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite Rings

In 1967 a man who was searching for sapphire in Tanzania discovered tanzanite. In the 1980's, the jewelry store Tiffany's began marketing tanzanite to the public and it has since become a very popular gem. Tanzanite is known for its beautiful color. Ranging from a bright blue to a beautiful violet, it is also a pretty delicate gemstone, so one must be careful when wearing rings that contain it.

You can find tanzanite rings in all sorts of styles and cuts. Ask your jeweler or search online for a princess cut tanzanite ring or a unique heart shaped tanzanite ring. Tanzanite is beautiful next to any metal; the choice is really up to you!

What is a Toe Ring?

Toe Rings

Rings just aren't for fingers anymore! Many women when wearing an open toe shoe like to show off their pretty toes. One way to do this, besides a great pedicure, is to wear a fashionable toe ring.

You can purchase a toe ring in virtually any style imaginable. Silver toe rings, 14 karat gold toe rings, cubic zirconia toe rings, adjustable toe rings, you name it, they have it! Try doing an Internet search for "toe rings" to find more. You can even try major retail stores throughout the country to find reasonably priced toe rings!

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