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Why Give a Promise Ring?

Why Promise Rings?

Promise rings are commonly purchased as a promise to love the one you're with and to not date anyone else as long as you are with that special someone. Promise rings also can be worn or purchased for other reasons.

A promise ring can be purchased and given to someone as a message that your loved one will be returning to you. A man or woman going to fight in a war may give a promise ring to their significant other as a promise to return.

A promise ring may mean that your partner wants to marry you but just isn't quite ready yet. It may mean that your partner pledges to save himself or herself for you until marriage.

A promise ring may also be purchased and given to your loved one with a message from you. The message here could mean that you make a promise to yourself and your partner to stop drinking, gambling, smoking, or whatever vice you may have that is damaging your relationship.

How to Wear my Irish Promise Ring?

How to Wear Your Irish Promise Ring

The Irish often give a special promise ring, known as the Claddagh ring. There are several ways to wear your Irish promise ring, all depending on exactly how you interpret the promise ring that you are wearing.

If you wear the Irish promise ring on your left hand, this means you have vowed to love and to be faithful to your partner.

If you wear the Irish promise ring on the right hand with the heart facing out, then the person wearing the ring has a heart that is not taken at the moment.

If you wear the Irish promise ring on the right hand with the heart turned in towards you, this means that your heart is taken.

What is a Purity Ring?

Purity Promise Rings

Another type of promise ring that is actually becoming quite popular is a promise ring that you give your partner. By giving them a purity promise ring you are promising to each other that you will save yourselves for marriage. It represents your stand to wait belief and wanting to keep yourselves pure for marriage.

They even have purity rings for those who didn't wait for marriage, but have now vowed to discontinue past lifestyles and remain abstinent. The rings are typically priced very reasonably, usually in the $20 range or a bit more depending on where you purchase it.

What is a Promise Ring?

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring or friendship ring is a small, inexpensive ring given to a boyfriend or girlfriend, to promise not to court a rival. These indicate merely that serious courting is under way. No permanent commitment has been made by either party, but they give the partners an excuse for refusing social invitations from others.

Promise rings have been around for years and years. In the 16th century a promise ring was actually called a gimmal ring and was made up of two to three separate rings with all of the rings coming together the day of a promised wedding.

Why Should I Purchase a Cubic Zirconia Promise Ring?

Cubic Zirconia Promise Ring

If you are having a hard time fathoming the price on an actual diamond promise ring, you may want to choose something a bit more affordable, something that resembles a diamond, but without the price. Why not purchase a cubic zirconia promise ring?

Resembling an actual diamond but without the high price tag, a cubic zirconia ring may be a great alternative. You can even choose to have your cubic zirconia diamond in pink or canary yellow to make it even more unique. You can pick your stone size and your band color. This is a great alternative to the more expensive promise rings! Prices range from 20 dollars to as high as 80 dollars, but still much cheaper than an actual diamond!

Where did the Promise Ring Originate?

Origin of the Promise Ring

The promise ring became a popular concept in 16th century England; uncut diamonds were made into a ring and then given to a lover and usually the lover reciprocated with a ring as well. These were commonly referred to as scribbling rings. The person wearing the scribbling ring would then use the diamond to scribble love notes into glass, mirrors or a window as a way to express their love to the one who gave them the ring.

Why Buy My Promise Ring Online?

Buying Your Promise Ring Online

One plus to buying your promise ring online is that you can customize it right before your very eyes! Many online jewelry sites will allow you select the shape of the stone you wish, such as oval, square, radiant, etc. The sites will then allow you to engrave it or not and even pick the color of gold or type of silver you wish to use. You can pick how big of a stone you wish to have and what size you need, all before your very eyes! Your price will vary from website to website, so you may want to compare prices before buying.

What is a Diamond Promise Ring?

Diamond Promise Ring

Diamond promise rings are not as expensive as a diamond engagement ring because the diamonds used in them are much smaller when compared to engagement rings. Many diamond promise rings can be customized. You can pick from different types of gold to different colors of diamonds. It all comes down to what the person who you are giving it to likes! Diamond promise rings typically run around $200 for a ring with a very small diamond to over $1,000 for a ring with a diamond that is about the size of a quarter carat or more. You can purchase diamond promise rings that resemble a diamond
engagement ring, however these diamond promise rings usually cost a bit more.

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