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Can I Customize my Military Ring?

Customized Military Rings

Many online websites that sell military rings and many jeweler's who are not online, will allow you to customize your military ring to your liking. Gone are the days of every branch of service having one specific ring to wear that represents time spent serving the country. Now you can individualize your ring to your specifications.

You can pick your stone color; you can personalize the wording that goes around the stone of your choice. For example if you are retired Marine, you can have the words "Retired U.S. Marine" placed around your stone. You are able to choose your metal type. Just note, choosing 14 karat or 18 karat white or yellow gold will be quite expensive, running you up to $800 or more. You can choose the design on each side of the ring, most often a design that represents your exact job in the military and then add any other text you wish. You can even choose the cut of the stone you wish to have and what type of stone. It is all up to you and your wishes.

What is a Marine Ring?

Marine Ring

Army rings aren't the only armed forces that have rings to celebrate time spent serving our country in. If you were a Marine or are currently a Marine, you can purchase a ring to represent your time spent in this honorable service of your country. Marine rings come in the same type of metal as Army rings and range around the same price. With a Marine ring you will also be able to choose your side emblems on your ring. If you were or currently are serving as a Marine in the 1st Marine Division, you can choose to have that emblem put on your ring.

What is a U.S. Coast Guard Ring?

Coast Guard Ring

If you are in the United States Coast Guard you can also buy a ring to represent your time spent or the time you are currently serving. Just like the Marines, Army and Navy, there is a ring specifically for you!

Coast Guard rings will most likely come with the official United States Coast Guard insignia on it to represent that division of the armed forces. Like the other rings mentioned, Coast Guard rings can also be customized to your liking and generally run around the same price as the other division's rings with the same type of metal choices. You can even choose your side panels on the ring, generally most ring retailers have over 20 Coast Guard side panels to choose from ranging from USCG Officer Badge to USCG Enlisted Badge and many more!

What are Some Questions I Should Ask When Buying a Military Ring?

Questions to Ask When Buying a Military Ring

There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing a military ring. There are also some things you will want to ask your jeweler before you buy.

Ask if the ring is plated or solid before purchasing. You don't want to buy a cheaper plated metal at a price that is normally that of a solid gold ring.

Does the ring have a hollowed back or is it solid. This is important because hollowed rings can cause your finger to become irritated.

Is the ring comfortable as well as nice looking? Even if you buy the most beautiful of military rings, if it isn't comfortable what is the point? You want a ring that is both comfortable and nice to look at.

What is an Army Ring?

Army Ring

If you are an Army veteran, you can choose to purchase a ring with a specific metal ranging from Validium, yellow gold and white gold. Price ranges are anywhere from a little over $100 to over $800 dollars, depending on the number of karats in your ring.

On your Army ring, you can display what division of the Army you were in and your rank, unit, or any specialty you were in. You are even able to commemorate any type you spent in battle for the Army on your ring. Check out any of the major class ring manufacturers for Army rings.

What is a Navy Ring?

Navy Ring

Were you a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy? Are you currently a Naval Flight Officer? Were you a Navy POW (Prisoner of War)? If you have spent any time in the Navy or you are in the Navy right now, you can also purchase a ring to help commemorate your time spent in this branch of the Armed Forces. Navy rings are about the same price as Marine and Army rings and come in the same types of metals as the Marine and Army rings. Men or women are able to purchase a ring to celebrate their time in the Navy.

What Happens to a Military Ring if Someone Dies?

What Happens to the Ring When a Person is Deceased?

If your loved one is recently deceased and had a military class ring and are wondering what to do with the ring, there are several options.

If the military personnel was married, his or her spouse, if living, may wish to wear the ring as a way to honor their lost loved one. Other people choose to donate the rings back to the school or military division they came from. While other people stated before their death what specifically they wanted done with their military ring, such as being buried with it on.

How Can I Best Care For My Military Ring?

Tips For Caring For Your Military Ring

Now that you have your military ring, you should probably know just how to take care of it. Here are some things to remember to help take the best care possible of your military ring.

Keep your ring free of dirt and sweat. Get it cleaned regularly at a jeweler if possible. Take off the ring if you are doing something that may get it dirty, like painting or gardening. Stay away from detergents or chlorine; these types of chemicals can be very harsh on rings such as military rings. When cleaning it at home, wipe your military ring with soft, clean cloth for best results.

If you want to keep your military ring sparkling for a long time, always store it in a lined box that is free from dirt. Just a few tips for taking the best care of that beautiful piece of jewelry!

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