Tips For Caring For Your Military Ring

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How Can I Best Care For My Military Ring?

Tips For Caring For Your Military Ring

Now that you have your military ring, you should probably know just how to take care of it. Here are some things to remember to help take the best care possible of your military ring.

Keep your ring free of dirt and sweat. Get it cleaned regularly at a jeweler if possible. Take off the ring if you are doing something that may get it dirty, like painting or gardening. Stay away from detergents or chlorine; these types of chemicals can be very harsh on rings such as military rings. When cleaning it at home, wipe your military ring with soft, clean cloth for best results.

If you want to keep your military ring sparkling for a long time, always store it in a lined box that is free from dirt. Just a few tips for taking the best care of that beautiful piece of jewelry!



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