Customized Military Rings

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Can I Customize my Military Ring?

Customized Military Rings

Many online websites that sell military rings and many jeweler's who are not online, will allow you to customize your military ring to your liking. Gone are the days of every branch of service having one specific ring to wear that represents time spent serving the country. Now you can individualize your ring to your specifications.

You can pick your stone color; you can personalize the wording that goes around the stone of your choice. For example if you are retired Marine, you can have the words "Retired U.S. Marine" placed around your stone. You are able to choose your metal type. Just note, choosing 14 karat or 18 karat white or yellow gold will be quite expensive, running you up to $800 or more. You can choose the design on each side of the ring, most often a design that represents your exact job in the military and then add any other text you wish. You can even choose the cut of the stone you wish to have and what type of stone. It is all up to you and your wishes.



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