Inexpensive College Rings

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Where Can I Find Affordable College Class rings?

Inexpensive College Rings

Looking for a college class ring? Does the price tag have you cringing? There are places you can look for college rings at more affordable prices.

Many discount superstores have class rings that start at very reasonable prices. While the class ring won't be specific to a school design or logo, this price is usually a lot cheaper and the rings can be customized to fit school colors and .

You can also visit a local jeweler. Many times independent jewelers will carry more wallet-friendly priced college class rings. If they do not, you can always ask the jeweler if he or she knows of an affordable alternative to the expensive college class rings sold directly at colleges.

It's important to point out that buying discounted class rings from a source other than your college class ring provider does not guarantee the authenticity of the college class ring.



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