Types of Class Rings

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What are Some Types of College Class Rings?

Types of Class Rings

There are several different types of college class rings available to people. Besides the obvious male and female class rings, there are several other choices to make on types. It really all depends on which site or company you choose to use for your class ring purchase. However, the majority of class rings will come in types similar to these:

Most will offer you an official school ring, one that carries your college seal on it along with an area to put your major and other information.

Another choice may be that of an executive college class ring. This type of ring is considered to be a more professional looking college class ring but can still have your college information engraved on it.

One last type of ring that may be available to you is a contemporary college class ring. This type of ring will look less like a class ring and more like a piece of jewelry that doesn't scream "college ring" on it. This type of ring still has your college information on it, but just a bit more discreetly.



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