Design Your Own Class Ring

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Can I Design my Own College Class Ring?

Design Your Own Class Ring

Purchasing your college class ring can be exciting! What is even more exciting is that- you can also design your own class ring. A ring that is distinctly yours with your preferences.

Many of the major online ring websites offer a design your own area in order to do just that, design your own college ring. You will have to register at these sites, but that is free. The site will ask you for your college information and will then take you to a page in which you can choose the type of ring you wish to purchase, specifically a man or a woman's ring.

You can then look through the site and pick your ring quality, the finish on the ring, the color of the stone, accent stones, the name of your school, your major and the year in which you graduated. You will also need to select a ring size. The site should then be able to tell you the total of your college class ring and you continue on by paying for it securely.



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