What is a Vintage Ring?

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What Does Vintage Mean?

What is a Vintage Ring?

Before purchasing a ring that you think is an antique or a vintage ring, make sure you have your facts straight on what exactly makes something vintage.

First off, the word "vintage" does not mean the ring you are purchasing is actually very old. The term actually only implies that the ring is made to resemble an actual antique ring. If you are looking for an actual antique ring and find one that is marked vintage, you will want to make sure it is actually an antique before you purchase it. Don't forget, to truly be an antique ring it must be over 50 years old. Just because a ring is described as vintage doesn't mean that it is over 50 years old. A vintage ring could be an actual antique ring, but it could also be a piece from someone's estate or it could even be a piece of jewelry made six months ago that just looks like an antique. Keep this in mind when searching for an antique ring.



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