What You Should Know When Buying Antique Diamond Rings

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What Should I Know When Buying an Antique Diamond Ring?

What You Should Know When Buying Antique Diamond Rings

Are you interested in purchasing an antique diamond ring? If so, keep these things in mind when deciding on the right ring for you!

Make sure the antique ring you purchase is appraised before you decide to buy it. By having it appraised by a professional you can be assured that the ring is real and place some insurance value on the ring. You will also be able to find out if the ring has been reset or has had previous damage to it including any cracks.

See if the ring has a picture with it or something that is written, dated and signed to show it is authentic. To be considered an antique, the ring must be over 50 years old, so take this into consideration when purchasing an antique ring. You may also want to stick to jewelers that you know have a good reputation when purchasing rings such as this. The last thing you want to have happen is to purchase a ring from someone who is only trying to rip you off.



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