Engraving for a Unique Wedding Band

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Which Choices do I Have for Engraving my Ring?

Engraving for a Unique Wedding Band

Many couples engrave their wedding bands. An engraving that says something representative of their love for each other, such as a saying or the date of their wedding. What types of engravings or sayings to couples usually choose? There are two main ways to get what you want said put on your ring.

One way is to have an engraver hand grave it on. The engraver uses a tool called a graver. Your results may vary with this type of engraving because it is such a delicate task and it really comes down to how good your engraver is.

Another way to get your words on your rings is to have it laser engraved on. Using a laser, which is a much more precise technology, couples can choose to have vows or poems, up to 225 characters, placed on a wedding ring.



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