Before You Buy

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What Should I Know Before I Purchase a Wedding Ring?

Before You Buy

Before you rush out and buy that wedding ring, keep in mind some general information before doing so.

  • Know the differences between the different metals used in wedding rings. Metals that aren't as durable and won't last as long as other metals. You can usually tell by the price of the ring. The more durable the metal, the more expensive the ring.
  • Don't pick a wedding band that will overpower your wedding ring and vice-versa. You want to pick something that blends nicely together on your finger.
  • It is okay to pick a men's wedding band that doesn't exactly match the female's wedding ring. Focus on comfort, style and personal taste.
  • Make sure you have enough time before your wedding for your rings to be custom sized, mounted and shipped to you or your jeweler. Some jewelers send your rings to another site to be manufactured or to be sized correctly. This can take several weeks before the rings are returned to you.



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