Unique Wedding Rings and Bands

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What are Some Unique Wedding Rings/Bands?

Unique Wedding Rings and Bands

Engaged couples are looking for something other than the traditional wedding ring. People who want unique wedding rings may find some of these cool choices:

  • A modern puzzle ring is one that is made with two types of metal, palladium and yellow gold and encrusted with three diamonds. The palladium and the yellow gold meet halfway on the band for a half yellow gold and half palladium look.
  • Design your own wedding band and ring with symbols or words. Many people choose to put a symbol for love or put the name of the person they are marrying on the ring for a unique twist.
  • A milgrained curls band, which essentially has white gold or platinum with milgrained lace that envelopes diamonds all around it, is a very pretty and unique wedding band



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