Antique Wedding Rings

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What Should I Know About Antique Wedding Rings?

Antique Wedding Rings

For some couples an antique wedding ring is what they want to represent their love and commitment to each other. Remember, to honestly be an antique the ring must be at least 50 years old. Many online sites sell antique engagement ring sets and estate sale pieces of jewelry that could be worn as a wedding ring. You can also purchase an antique ring through an antiques dealer or you can go to an estate sale to see what is offered.

A jeweler should be able to test the ring to ensure that it is the metal it was described as and what you paid for. You should also have a professional determine what clarity and color the ring is. One plus to purchasing an antique ring from an actual jeweler instead of at an estate sale yourself, you should know exactly what you are buying before you buy it. Unless you are an expert on antique rings, you most likely won't be able to determine all of this yourself.



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