Problems with Moissanite?

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Are There Any Problems With Moissanite?

Problems with Moissanite?

With so many good things being said about Moissanite, no one can doubt the beauty and brilliance of this gem. No one can doubt that it is a great substitute for an actual diamond. Are there any drawbacks to moissanite?

Because moissanite has a brilliance that is greater than a diamond, some people may think the moissanite is cheap looking or fake looking. You can't get a pure white moissanite stone, but you also can't get a pure white diamond. When compared to diamonds, moissanite is cheaper, but because it is only manufactured at one place, the price to make the ring is a bit higher than other synthetic gems. This can make the purchase price a bit higher than other synthetics, but still much cheaper than an actual diamond.



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