Stackable Mothers Ring

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What is a Stackable Mother's Rin?

Stackable Mothers Ring

A stackable mothers ring is a very cool idea for a mom to wear. The basic concept of this ring is that a mom can purchase one ring per child and stack them on top of each other to wear on one finger, rather than just having one band with several birthstones on it, this is several bands with one birthstone.

The band is made of whatever metal the mom chooses and then each band can be engraved to specify the names of one child, the date of that child's birthday and the child's birthstone in between this information. The bands then stack together to be worn. If a mom has two children, she would have two stackable rings made. If she has four, she would want four made, one for each child.

These stackable rings vary in price depending on where you purchase it and what you want on it. Contact a local jeweler or seek one online for more information!



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