Design Online and Have Jeweler Make Your Ring?

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Can I Design My Ring Online and Still Have my Jeweler Make It?

Design Online and Have Jeweler Make Your Ring?

Did you know that you can design your dream ring on the Internet, print out a picture of it and then take it a jeweler to have it custom made for you? Many Internet sites allow you to build your ring on their site without purchasing it and then allow you to print out a picture of the ring to take to your jeweler for him or her to make.

Pick out your stone, your setting, your metal and any accents you wish to add and then print it out. Certain sites will even print out the exact size of everything that you picked for your ring, thus making it easier for the jeweler to get exactly what you are looking for. If you are searching for site, simply do a search engine search for "online ring design" to find one.



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